• To protect the archeological sites and promote them as a touristic atraction.
  • Identify other practicies like those from Astypalea to adapt them into Elafonisos.
  • Increase the number of electric bicycles avaible for the locals and visitors.
  • Foment participation of different stakeholders to identify practical actions to be implemented in short term.
  • There must be a distribution of the resources in all the communities.
  • It is important to show the tourists the actions that the territory is taking in terms of sustainability to make them sensible and even participants of the processes.
  • To promote the dissalination of the water in the island.
  • Foment the use of electric cars in the Peloponnese
  • To address the three main problems that the European Comission stated in 2019 for the European islands: Agin population, connection to the mainland and environmental issues.


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