HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco proposed the following actions :

– It is important to highlight the role of the locals that work for the
– To enhance a partnership between the Municipality of Elafonisos and Monaco to
address the following actions: Green spaces, transportation, sanitation and waste
– To develop a new paradigm around the Mediterranean, for a balance to avoid its
destruction, specifically in the reduce of plastics.
– To address the problem of over fishing.
– To develop programs that let the locals and businesses to change the type of
detergents so it doesn’t affect the ocean.
– To take actions for offering a more respectful and harmonious destination for locals and
visitors (enforcing the law and promoting good practices).
-To make more visible the traditions and culture of the island highlighting its fauna and
flora as one.
-To work on Infrastructure projects, energy and transportation as well as cultural
– To promote more broadly targeted awareness among inhabitants and tourists alike with
projects such as the “Elafonisos Plastic bags free” creating alliances with academics and
NGO’s to make knowledge transfer towards the locals.
– To strengthen alliances with different stakeholders that involve fighting plastic pollution,
but also to facilitate the implementation of effective Sustainable Solutions and to
encourage the sharing of exchange of experiences and good practices between
-To setup and develop maritime protected areas. To reconcile the development of
sustainable human activities with environmental protection more effectivly.
– To identify and protect endangered species.
– To create programs to involve tourists also in the programs to protect the environment.


Major Efi, Prince Albert II and Katerina Kokkinaki with shops owners free plastic bag project


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